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Menjadi terkenal dan bergelimang harta membuat Floyd Mayweather Jr membutuhkan bodyguard yang selalu siap siaga di dekatnya. Kehadiran sosok bodyguard jelas bertujuan untuk membuat Mayweather Jr merasa aman kemanapun ia pergi.


Pencapaian Mayweather di dunia tinju terbilang luar biasa. Pria kelahiran 27 Februari 1997 itu tercatat meraih 50 kemenangan tanpa merasakan satu kali pun kekalahan.


Pundi-pundi uang yang kian menebal membuat Mayweather Jr dikenal sebagai superstar tinju dengan gaya hidupnya yang serba mewah.


Tidak tanggung-tanggung, petinju berjuluk The Money itu diketahui membawa uang senilai 268 ribu USD atau sekira Rp4 miliar rupiah dalam sehari. Tak heran kalau Mayweather Jr selalu terlihat dikawal oleh para bodyguar-nya. 







Ada hal unik mengenai kriteria yang harus dimiliki Bodyguard seorang Mayweather Jr. Melansir dari laman Daily Star, Jumat (22/5/2020), Mayweather Jr rupanya hanya menginginkan pria dengan badan berukuran raksasa, bukan saja berbadan besar tapi semua dari mereka bekerja sangat berani hingga tidak takut mati.


Hal itu tidak lain agar Mayweather merasa benar-benar aman dan terlindungi. Untuk itu, pengawal The Money harus punya tubuh yang luar biasa besar. Baik tinggi maupun postur tubuhnya. 





Jizzy Mack adalah bodyguard kepercayaan Floyd Mayweather Jr dan kebersamaan keduanya pun sudah terjalin sangat lama.


“Saya sudah berlatih untuk kemungkinan terjadinya peristiwa terburuk kepada keluarga saya dan saudara saya,” kata Mack yang dikutip dari TMZ.


“Jika ada seseorang datang dan menyerang Floyd, orang itu harus berhadapan dengan saya,” ujar Mack menambahkan.


Jizzy Mack pun mengaku bahwa dia tak memiliki rasa takut sedikitpun kendati mengemban tugas sebagai pengawal pribadi Floyd Mayweather Jr. 


Mack mengungkapkan dirinya tak akan ragu untuk menyerang siapapun yang mencoba melakukan hal buruk kepada Mayweather meskipun itu adalah orang hebat. 


“Saya tak peduli siapapun itu, apakah yang datang menyerang Floyd itu Khabib, Conor, bahkan Bruce Lee sekalipun saya tak peduli. Saya akan serang Anda,” tutur Mack. 


“Saya sudah berkeliaran di jalanan untuk waktu yang lama dan pada akhirnya pekerjaan saya adalah untuk melindungi Floyd. Jika mereka menginginkan sebuah nyawa hilang, ya mereka bisa mendapatkannya dari saya jika mereka mau,” kata Mack.  


Back Story – Jizzy Mack was born Ray Sadeghi in Iran in 1982. Sadeghi is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is co-owner of The Limitless Nutrition. He is one of the most notable bodyguards in Floyd Mayweather’s TMT camp. Wherever Floyd Mayweather goes, Jizzy Mack is not far behind. According to TMZ, Sadeghi would fight Bruce Lee for Mayweather to protect him. Jizzy Mack has picked up some serious momentum and built a name for himself, however, no one would have ever imagined at just 15 years old, his life took an unexpected turn as he found himself starving, sleeping on wooden floors, shot at, and barely having enough money to buy a 99 cent Arizona iced tea. Although for survival he was forced into street life, Sadeghi has transformed his life becoming one of the highest paid bodyguards in the world. 


Growing up, Jizzy Mack was raised in an upper-class family in Italy. Since his father was a well-known surgeon, they were able to live a luxury life filled with top designer goods, personal drivers and chefs at their service. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts of trying to stay together, Sadeghi’s parents divorced and his father decided he wanted to move to America to further his career. For Sadeghi, it was always his dream to live in the United States. After receiving a phone call from his father, Sadeghi and his family moved to America with the financial backing of his father. Shortly after, when Sadeghi was 15 years old he moved to New York City with his mother and siblings. For a year, Sadeghi’s father would pay his mother $20,000 a month to make sure all their needs were met and placed them in a luxury penthouse. However, just a few months later they started to become disconnected from his father. 


Sadeghi’s father had moved on and remarried. As his father’s relationship with his new wife began to grow, he slowly began to stop supporting his children answering calls from his family. In order to reach his father, Sadeghi had to go through his new stepmother who made it clear that he and his siblings were not allowed to live with them. Due to his step mother’s strong influence, his father said he would no longer take care of them. “I was surprised,” explained Sadeghi. “One day everything was going well and the next day my dad told me he wasn’t sure I was his biological son and that he needed to get a DNA test.” Left without any financial support, Sadeghi and his family were forced to leave their home. “It was a sad time for us all,” he recalls. “My father had asked us to move so he could take care of us and then he just abandoned us and left us without any support.” ~ bio by Brionna Taylor  



You’ve come from the suites to the streets and back to the suites again in your life, tell us how you see Jizzy Mack? 


In this life, one thing that is certain is that nothing is promised to you. Growing up, I experienced both sides. I lived in penthouses, had designers brands, drivers and more. But, that also unexpectedly came to an end and life presented its fair share of struggles. There were many times when we had no electricity in the house. I’ve definitely been through a lot. At a young age, I would be starving and sleeping on wooden floors. I couldn’t even afford a drink that cost a dollar. This life is very humbling, but it’s also important to note that all of your struggles aren’t your fault. Now, I’m surrounded by million dollar homes, luxury cars and traveling the world. Life as I see it is a journey and depending on your mindset it can either make or break you. The key to life’s tosses and turns is perseverance. 





What brought you to the world of those who put their life on the line for others as executive protectors? 


As we know, my life has had a lot of ups and downs. Due to life circumstances, I was often on my own and I was forced to the street life. Naturally, it made me become more alert and conscious of my surrounding. I think I’ve always been a protector in many ways. It’s important that we look out for and protect others along the way. I’ve always respected people who have done selfless acts of service and who are willing to put their lives on the line for a greater cause. I’ve always had an interest in being a bodyguard and now I’m able to work for one of the most notable athletes in the world, Floyd Mayweather. 



Tell us about your fitness and nutrition brand 


Limitless Nutrition is our new line. However, it’s not just a brand it’s also a lifestyle signifying that there are no shortcuts…not in life and not in fitness. With Limitless we hope to inspire people to reinvent themselves for the better. It’s our goal to help create more options for all people in the health community. We really put a lot of work and research into the brand to provide people with the best options possible. Limitless nutrition aims to help people live a more focused and healthier life. We have a lot in the works. 



How do you keep fit and healthy with such a rigorous schedule traveling with your elite clients? 


Working for Floyd, I definitely live a 24/7 lifestyle. However, I do make sure to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle. There’s always some time or a way to get a workout in even if it’s just for 30 minutes or two hours. I’m also an avid participant in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing. I make it an active choice to find and make the time to work out and of course I’m eating healthy. It’s all about being proactive and taking care of your body. Whenever I have spare time, I’m in the gym. I may even spend my whole break in there. In many ways, it’s a mentality. You have to value your health. 




Any particular musical favorites for your workouts? 


Without a doubt, your choice in music can make or break a workout. My favorite music to listen to during my workouts is Post Malone and Trizzy. 




What’s been your greatest lesson in life thus far? 


My greatest lesson I learned in life thus far is the importance of perseverance. You can become successful through your struggles. It’s important to never give up and never give in. You must stay strong and trust the process.




Tell us about one of your most inspirational moments! 


One of my most inspirational moments was when Floyd said he doesn’t drink or do drugs. He told me that’s why he got so far in life and I never forgot that. 



What’s the most fun being Jizzy Mack? 


What’s most fun about being me is that truly get to experience the fullness of life. My life is ever evolving. 




Last but not least, what’s been your craziest “Where they do that at?!” or WTF moment thus far in your career? 


One of my craziest moments was when I got shot at in Atlanta. Fifteen shots came through the door, right when I was trying to close my eyes for five minutes to get some rest. It was very frustrating. A shot that came through the door passed right by my head.


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