Setia Kangen Water Bali Delivery Service


What is Setia Kangen Water Bali?




What is Setia Kangen Water Bali? 



Setia Kangen Water Bali is a refill-center of ionized alkalized water in Denpasar, we use only the best available source of water in Bali for our base Setia Kangen Water that we filter and sterilized with our state of the art water filtration. We use original Batukaru mountain spring water.

Setia Kangen Water Bali also provide free delivery service to your resident around Denpasar and Badung area with minimun order quantity of 19 litres, we also give bonus of a bottle 1.5 litre pH 9.5 for every order one 19 litres of drinking water.

Setia Kangen Water Bali has served Balinese for over 4 years and we have more than 1000 testimonials video all in Bahasa language.



Benefits of Drinking Ionized Alkalized Water / Setia Kangen Water Bali : 




1. Regulates blood pressure. 


2. Helps digestive problem. 


3. Adult disease control. 


4. Balance body pH. 


5. Reduce acidosis. 


6. Reverse Aging. 


7. Increased Energy. 


8. Urea stones dissolved. 


9. Good antioxidant source. 


10. Cooked foods taste better.