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Cow’s milk only designed for baby cow?




Milk explain by FullyRaw Christina:


Japanese surgeon Dr. Hiromi Shinya is a pioneer in colonoscopy and is considered to be the world’s leading gastroenterologist.

Based on clinical experience and observations from over 300,000 colonoscopies, Dr. Shinya believes that modern practices in food production actually render cow milk as a harmful agent to humans.

In his book, The Enzyme Factor, Dr. Shinya explained that the homogenization process oxidized the fat particles and acidified the milk. Homogenization, a process to allow all particles in milk to distribute evenly, facilitates stability of the milk during storage and transportation.

It is used extensively in the mass production of milk; however, it is exactly this practice that has over-acidified the milk.

Nutrition science has also advised the alkaline foods may be better for you than the acidic ones.

With a feeding experiment as an example, Dr. Shinya described how homogenized milk almost killed a young calf.

Dr. Shinya warned that dairy products such as yogurt and cheese can also be harmful because they have been produced from the same source — over-oxidized and acidified milk.

He believed that the popularity of milk in the American diet has caused tremendous drawbacks.

Osteoporosis, for example, has increased in the U.S. even though milk is considered an important source for calcium.
























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